52/??? of Scarlett Johansson


Coac(hella expensive)

Coac(hella far away)

Coac(hella wish I could go)

Ian Somerhalder at Noah’s Ark animal sanctuary April 10th 2014


I saw some photos online of you two smooching in Hawaii, is it embarrassing to you that that stuff gets out there? Yeah, I’m a very private person and still am very shy and to have that sort of stuff - it’s such a personal thing, and it is something that is sort of unavoidable and I can’t complain about it. Avoiding paparazzi is so unenjoyable: you can’t go out, you can’t hold hands with your girlfriend. I’m trying to find the balance between, but it’s all about staying happy and not worrying about what other people think. That’s the most important thing.



When you’re smiling, keep on smiling… the whole world smiles with  y o u.

Ian Somerhalder: IT’S A WRAP!!!!DAMON SALVATORE AND IAN SOMERHALDER ARE OFFICIALLY WRAPPED-SEASON #5 is DONE. To the most amazing group of people in this business, THANK YOU.THANK YOU. THANK YOU!!!! Thanks for an amazing year of storytelling and thank you to out AUDIENCE-WITHOUT YOU, WE ARE NOTHING… LOVE IAN&DAMON PHOTO CRED: @tytheprince11

First rule of being a  v a m p i r e  is realizing how awesome you are.

Delena + space in 5x17.

carl “i win” grimes

Chemistry is about attraction and reaction.


The Vampire Diaries 5x18 Extended Promo “Resident Evil”